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Biweekly Shellfish Schedule

Once you select your Weekly Fish Membership or your Flexible Fish Membership, you become a member and unlock options for shellfish add-ons. If you are already a member, Click Here to sign-up for shellfish shares.

Or simply order your shellfish a la carte, with a Fish or Flexible Fish Membership, you can do this!

Scallops - Oysters - Lobster - Crabs 

Dates and Share sizes (subject to change): 

4/26: 1lb of Sea Scallops

5/10:  Dozen Oysters
5/24: 2 Chix Lobsters

6/7: 6 Jonah Crabs

6/21: 1lb of Sea Scallops

7/5: Dozen Oysters
7/19: 2 Chix Lobsters

8/2: 6 Jonah Crabs

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