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  • The session has already started, can I still sign up?
    Yes! You can sign up at any point during the season. Shares are always prorated. You will be charged for the number of weeks left in that session.
  • What is a share?
    When you choose to become a member of NH Community Seafood, you will be sharing in the catch that the fishermen will be hauling in over the year. This is why we call it a “share”.
  • I want to sign up after the session starts. Will I be charged the full amount? Do I get to double weeks that I missed?
    Shares are always prorated, and you can sign up at any time during the season. The price you'll see at checkout will decrease for each week that you missed. You are only charged for the remainder of the session.
  • How does a share work?
    Weekly shares bring you fish every week. Bi-weekly shellfish shares are distributed every other week. Flexible Fish memberships allow you to order fish and/or shellfish whenever you like, with no weekly membership.
  • What kinds of seafood will I get in my share?
    Our Weekly Fish Share rotates through our large variety of fish from the Gulf of Maine, including: American Plaice (Dabs), Yellowtail Flounder, Winter Flounder, Cod, Atlantic Pollock, King Whiting, Monkfish, White Hake and Acadian Redfish. Our Catch of the Week is dependent on what’s available for fishermen to catch. Our Bi-weekly Shellfish Share rotates through Scallops, Lobsters, Oysters and Jonah Crabs, and we may also offer Mussels when available.
  • How far in advance will I know what I’m getting?
    With our weekly newsletter, we will let you know Friday, the week before your pick up as to what type of fish you will be receiving for your share the following week. Shellfish shares are predetermined and bi-weekly a(every other week).
  • Can I substitute Haddock or Shellfish for the Catch of the Week?
    We are not able to do substitutions at this time. If you don't like a share, you may hold that week and double up on another, or donate it to our volunteers.
  • How much seafood will I get?
    The amount of seafood that you receive each week depends on what kind of share you sign up for. We offer ½lb, 1lb and 2lb shares of fillets to be picked up each week. Shellfish shares are one dozen (12) oysters, 1 lb of scallops, 2 chix lobsters, or 12 Jonah crabs.
  • Can I get more fish on a given week?
    As a Weekly Share member (8,16 or 32 week Membership), you get access to our weekly add-on storefront, which allows you to add more fish or shellfish to your weekly share! Visit here to order more seafood. Scrod Haddock (smaller fish) fillets are available weekly in addition to our Catch of the Week offerings.
  • In what form does a fish share come?
    Can I get whole fish? All our fish shares come as fillets. Depending on the size of the fish it might be 1 big cut, or several small fillets. We are currently unable to offer whole fish.
  • Can I change my share partway into the season?
    Yes, you can! Please email to edit your share partway into the season.
  • I have a Weekly Fish Share and a Bi-Weekly Shellfish Share, and I don't like one part of my share. Can I hold just the fish or shellfish?"
    Yes you can! Simple hold what you would like to hold for the week in your Account.
  • When and where can I pick up my share?
    We have 20 pick-up locations all over New Hampshire and one in Dracut, Mass! Shares are delivered once a week, and the weekday and time is specific to each pick-up location. You can find the most convenient pick-up for you by clicking "Pick-Up Locations" in the footer.
  • What do I do if I can’t pick up my seafood due to travel or other extenuating circumstances?
    Each member of the CSF is allowed to hold a share up to 10 times per season with no additional fees. You may defer a share to a later week by creating a vacation hold in your member login here. Holds must be entered one week in advance of the hold date. If you have a sudden need to hold, you can Cancel your order by Sunday at midnight, for the upcoming week of the delivery.
  • My Redfish/White Hake is soft! Is it spoiled?
    Acadian Redfish and White Hake are fish that live deeper in the ocean, and their meat tends to be softer. This is normal.
  • What if the pick-up location is not available?
    Life can be unpredictable. Some of our pick-ups are outdoors, and bad weather can make it dangerous to operate them. Stores hosting our pick-ups may be closed due to reasons outside of our control. We will notify you of any changes to your pick-up in advance, if and when they come up. On rare occasion,we may change the pick-up procedure (e.g. make it self-serve), reschedule it to another day, or double your share on another week. In any case, we will do everything in our power to get you the seafood you’re expecting!
  • What do I do if I don’t know what to do with my catch?
    Fish is incredibly versatile! Don’t worry if you’re at a loss of what to do, that’s part of the fun of being a member! It gives you the ability to experiment and try something new. Our weekly newsletter will always have a link to our Pinterest page, packed with fun and exciting recipes for all our seafood species or view and share recipes on our Recipe Forum. Click "Recipe" on the top menu. Fish also flavors up nicely with marinade and seasonings. Don’t be afraid to get creative.
  • How do I prepare fresh seafood?
    Check out our Recipe Forum. Click "Recipe" on the top menu. Here, you can view recipes as well as share your own!
  • There are bones in my Redfish! Was it not pinboned?
    Acadian Redfish is naturally a bonier fish, and you may find some bones in your fillets. Our processors do their best to get them all out, but you may still find the odd bone in there. Eat slowly and chew thoroughly before swallowing to make sure you don't accidentally eat a bone.
  • Who will I be supporting by joining this CSF?
    By signing up for our CSF, you’ll be supporting your local NH and regional fishermen, as well as the local infrastructure set up to support our local fishing fleet--establishments such as Yankee Fishermen’s Cooperative and Southern Maine Crabs. Similar to the way that small farms are struggling to survive in the face of big pressures from industrial agriculture, New Hampshire’s small boat fleet struggles to compete with the big industry boats. Your membership is vitally important to help our small NH fishing fleet stay afloat. In addition, you’ll be supporting the environment by supporting sustainable fishing practices, as well as decreasing your food’s carbon footprint and eating seafood that is native to NH.
  • What do I do if I find worms in my fish?
    Despite the efforts of our processor's "dewormers", you may occasionally find worms in your CSF fish. If you do, please don’t be alarmed! It doesn’t mean your fish is spoiled. In fact, it means that your fish is fresh and hasn’t previously been frozen. The reason you don’t typically see worms in the fish you buy in the supermarket is because that fish has usually been frozen and thawed several times before you buy it, which kills off the worms. Otherwise, it’s been sitting in a seafood case for some time, while a market worker picked the worms out as they surfaced. That being said, worms are a natural part of a fish's life cycle and you’re bound to see them in our CSF's fish from time to time. A good trick to picking them out is to place the fish in the freezer for 10-30 minutes before preparing it. Briefly freezing the fish forces any remaining worms to rise to the surface, at which point they can easily be picked out. The worms are entirely harmless, so don't worry if you unknowingly ingest one or two. Just remember, worms are a good sign of a healthy, freshly-caught fish.
  • What is a consumer stockholder?
    We are a multi-shareholder cooperative. Our Fishermen are Shareholders and we offer you to become a Consumer Shareholder by purchasing a Class C stock for a one time purchase of $100. Your Shareholder status entitles you to an invitation to our Annual Shareholder's Party (our form of annual dividends) and voting rights for our Consumer Representative on our Board. You do NOT need to become a Stockholder in order to become a member.

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