Shellfish Add-Ons



                                         SCALLOPS AVAILABLE WEEK 10



WEEK 9    No Add ons

WEEK 10  Scallops 

WEEK 11  Oysters 

WEEK 12  TBA  

WEEK 13  Scallops

WEEK 14  Lobsters

WEEK 15  Oysters -Thanksgiving Week, great for stuffing!

WEEK 16  Scallops

See below for the next upcoming week's Shellfish Add on, deadlines for Add ons are the SUNDAY BEFORE THE WEEK OF DELIVERY!

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  • 16 WEEK FISH SHARE (Fall Session 2018)
  • *For CSF Members only: Buy Stock in New Hampshire Community Seafood (NHCS) (Fall Session 2018)
  • 32-week Annual Membership FISH AND LOBSTER (Fall Session 2018)
  • 32-week Annual Membership FISH ONLY (Fall Session 2018)

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