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NHCS Season 1 Registration is Open!

Posted 5/16/2014 6:21am by Andrea Tomlinson.

NH Community Seafood 

Community Supported Fishery

Eat Fresher Fish.  Support Seacoast Fishermen.


Dear Seafood Lover,

I’m excited to announce that registration for Season 1 of New Hampshire Community Seafood’s Community Supported Fishery (CSF) is now underway!

When you join the CSF, you get a share of the freshest, most delicious fish available in our waters. And you’re participating in a cooperative of fishermen and consumer who’ve joined together to protect the ocean, sustain New Hampshire’s fishing industry, and support the local economy. Thanks to the tremendous amount of community support we received last year, we decided to expand the number of pick-up sites to 9 this season.  We’re working with a new partner, Brookford Farm, to help distribute CSF shares in several of the locations. By combining our efforts, we’re reducing costs and using less fuel. We encourage you to check out Brookford Farm’s CSA offerings.

In other news, we’re excited to announce the launch of our new Restaurant Supported Fisheries program.  Whether or not you’re a CSF member, we encourage you to eat at the restaurants that belong to our RSF. Through their creative talents, they make our delicious local fish taste even better! We’ll also be selling fish by the pound every week at the Portsmouth and Exeter Farmers Markets from June 7th – November 1st .

We’ve got lots of exciting events planned for this year, including the UNH Kick-off party on a Saturday coming soon, our annual meeting and fish fry for shareholders at the end of July (CSF member must purchase a $100 share of stock to attend), and member potlucks.  Season 1 deliveries begin the week of June 9th and will run for 8 weeks through August 2nd. We’ll take a one week break from deliveries after Season 1 ends and then launch Season 2, from August 11th through October 5th.  Season 3 will begin on October 13th, after a one week break and will run through December 7th.  You may sign up for 1, 2, or all 3 seasons. Visit our website to register or learn more about the CSF.

Want to help out? We welcome volunteers to help organize pick-ups, distribute fish, or contribute other talents.

And please help us spread the word by Liking and promoting us on Facebook, or following and retweeting us on Twitter.

Here’s a sample Facebook post:

Want to eat fresher fish, protect the ocean, and support NH fishermen and the local economy?  Join the https://www.facebook.com/NhCommunitySeafood Community Supported Fishery!  

Here’s a sample tweet for you to share:  

Eat fresher fish, support NH fishermen, and protect the ocean. Buy a weekly #CSF fish share from @NHCommunityFish http://bit.ly/1mCXRIyThanks for your interest!

We look forward to you joining us for another great season!  

Thank you for your continued support.


Sarah & Josh





Sarah E. VanHorn

Co-Founder/General Manager

(207) 899-6042


Josh Wiersma, Ph.D

Co-Founder/Executive Director

(603) 682-6115

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