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NHCS Newsletter: Week 7, Season 2

Posted 9/16/2013 4:14pm by Andrea Tomlinson.

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This week we will have an array of flounders for both share options, as they are available:  Yellowtail Flounder, Grey Sole, and American Plaice.  Looking ahead, we anticipate Monkfish or Pollock for our final week of Season 2 with Herring for underdog members.  I am hoping to go herring fishing with fisherman Mike Anderson aboard his fishing vessel, Rimrack, one day this week, so I will be sure to share photos and information about how that goes once I get the chance.

Sign-ups for season 3 are now available on our website! 


Please be sure to share our site with your friends who have been waiting for a new season to join.  SHARE OPTIONS.  Many of our offerings are much of the same, however we did change up a few things.  We discontinued the underdog share due to a lack of variety as the fishing season progresses so we are now offering a groundfish share only consisting entirely of fillets in 2, 1, or ½ pound quantities.  We will continue to offer our whole fish share, but have offered some additional fish to the list of whole fish, many of them previously belong to the underdog category such as butterfish and red hake.  New this season we are offering a rotating whole fish and fillet share to make it easier for those who would like to receive whole fish, but feel as if a whole fish every week would be too difficult to work with.  Week one will start out with filleted fish for these members and the following week will be a whole fish share.  We also will continue to offer our lobster share, both full and half, this season with each lobster averaging at a 1-1 ¼ pounds. 

As far as PICK-UPS go, much of them will be the same.  Dover will still be on Mondays at the same location from 3:30-5:30.  Notice the slight shift in timing.  Wednesdays will be Portsmouth at the same time, but the location may change.  We are hoping to move indoors somewhere, possibly with Heron Pond Farm.  Thursdays will continue to be Manchester Farmers’ Market until the end of market season at which point we will move somewhere indoors, and we will continue with a community-drop in Peterborough.  We will continue to have a drop-off in Durham, but are hoping to redesign the pick-up options in hopes of extending the pick-up time making it easier for people to get to.  We would like to move Durham’s pick-up day to Monday, Tuesday, or a Wednesday.  We’ll be sure to share more information as this pick-up evolves.  We will continue to have fish available for Salem members on Sunday however at the start of season 3 it will be organized by CSF volunteers each week.  If that is something you would like to help with, please let us know.  

SCHEDULE.  The next season will begin September 30th and will run another 8 weeks until November 22nd.   This will be our last regular share of the season due to the decrease in amount of fish available this time of year.  However if you are still looking for a fresh fish hook-up we do plan on attending winter farmers’ markets on Saturdays throughout the state starting the first week in December.  We’ll be sure to let you know where to find us once we finalize our schedule. 

FISHTIVAL was a great success; thanks to all who were able to make it out and to my little brother Aiden for all his help.  We were able to sign-up a lot of new members and spread the word about our wonderful cause.  Also, for those of you who haven’t heard Saturday was the kick-off for a great campaign new to the United States having originated in Italy:  SLOW FISH.  Currently it is being run by students at the University of New Hampshire, with lots of a fishy activities planned for the next 2 weeks around campus and the Seacoast community.  I will post the link below for that in case you choose to participate in any of those.  NH Community Seafood looks forward to working with them in the future. 


T-Shirts will be arriving tomorrow.  We have ordered 100 of them, 50 men's and 50 women's and they will be $20 each.  If we do not end up having the size you would like by the time you get the chance to buy one, please let us know and hopefully we can be sure to get the right size with our next order.  We weren't sure what to start with so hopefully this first batch of shirts goes all right.  

In other great news a student from UNH and CSF member has volunteered her time to create fact cards with recipes for each one of our species of fish to offer at pick-ups, as part of her senior Eco-Gastronomy project.  Thanks so much for offering your time Amanda Parks; we really appreciate it, and I know our CSF members will too!  I think that may be all for now.  I will leave you with this great blog post by Durham CSF member, James Bubar.  Thanks for sharing.  You can read his post about last week's redfish here:  http://t20r11.com/acadian-redfish/ 

Happy Monday and don't forget to sign-up for SEASON 3!




Sarah E. VanHorn


(207) 899-6042

Josh Wiersma, Ph.D

Co-Founder/Executive Director

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