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NHCS Newsletter, Week 4 Fall Session, Monkfish

Posted 9/12/2016 4:36pm by Andrea Tomlinson.

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Welcome to Week 4 of our Fall Session from Community Supported Fishery. I am just coming from the Yankee Fisherman's Cooperative, where some of our fish is landed. I was speaking to a group of young Ocean Conservationists from around the world visiting our state sponsored by the World Affairs Council of NH. They were fascinated by our organization and what we are doing! They even got to see some for our Catch of the Week get landed!

Monkfish is the plentiful fish this season with lots of quota and since that's what our fishermen are catching, that's what we are serving up again this week!  

Monkfish, Lophius americanus was formerly caught as by-catch in otter trawls and gillnets, monkfish have quickly become one of the world's most popular fish. In the west, usually just the tail meat is eaten, but  there is a large market for whole monkfish in Asian countries. Also known as "Poor Man's Lobster", monkfish tail meat has both the consistency and distinct taste of this famous crustacean. If you like lobster, you'll love monkfish! And if you don't like lobster, the firm, white fillet when cooked also tastes like a sweetened fish. The flesh is distinct and a purplish-brownish color when raw and turns white once cooked. 


Not at all attractive on the outside, monkfish should not be judged by their outward appearance! They are  brownish color mottled with white spots on top and white on the underbelly. Their habitat spans from the Grand Banks and northern Gulf of St. Lawrence along the Atlantic shoreline south to Cape Hatteras, NC. Monkfish are voracious predators. They lurk on the sandy, muddy bottom and lure their prey with the spiny extension on their head. This "lure" attracts the prey, like bait on fishing line, bringing the victim close in for the lunge of the monkfish. The unusually broad mouth , adapted to swallow whole fish, shrimp and squid, is lined with layers of stubby white teeth.

Cook monkfish as you would any other fish, and remember the cardinal rule, 10 minutes an inch! The monkfish tails are wide and thick, because they are the tail meat. Marinating the tails and seasoning before cooking adds to the flavor. Baked, sauteed, broiled, roasted or grilled, these tails are fantastic!

Here are some great recipe ideas for monkfish: https://www.pinterest.com/fishisthedish/monkfish-recipes/.

Baked Monkfish Roman Style (Courtesy of cookingfrombooks.com)
Our catch this week is a cooperative effort from at least three of our NH Fishermen: Ricky Anderson of the F/V Bridget Leigh. Tommy Lyons of the F/V Marion J and Jamie Hayward of the F/V Heidi & Elisabeth.  Thanks to all our fishermen and their crew for this week's effort!
Ricky Anderson is back fishing on the F/V Bridget Leigh
Tommy Lyons of the F/V Marion J and me
Jamie Hayward of the F/V Heidi & Elisabeth
I would also like to thank all the hard working people behind the scenes that make your weekly fish share possible. From the dock hands at Yankee Fisherman's Cooperative, to our dedicated fish broker in Portsmouth, to the fish cutters at our processor, Tri-State Seafoods, it takes a group of dedicated people to make this happen each week!

Additional Fish Orders and Lobster Ravioli Add-ons:


 Monkfish seasoned with spring herbs on grill

If you love Monkfish or just need some extra fish this week, we are once again this Session offering our Additional Fish Orders to be made until 9pm tonight. The same goes for our Lobster Ravioli Add-Ons. You have until tonight, Monday at 9pm to order these delicious treats to be included in your share for this week!

Additional fish will come in 1lb and 2lb packages, with a discounted rate if you order 4lbs or more! 




Lobster Ravioli Add ons Available Weekly from Portsmouth Lobster Company!


The Lobster Ravioli will be labelled with your name on the bag and placed on top of the coolers to be picked up with your fish share!

Restaurant Supported Fishery (RSF):

We have partnered with Three Rivers Farmers Alliance to bring our fresh and local fish to many NH restaurants. Please support them by choosing to dine their first! 

Welcome to our newest member in Exeter, Otis, with Chef Lee Frank at the helm!

  •  Anneke JansKittery, ME
  • Throwback Brewery, North Hampton, NH
  • Local Eatery,  Laconia, NH
  • The Hancock Inn,  Hancock, NH
  • Moxy, Portsmouth, NH
  • Vida Cantina,  Portsmouth, NH
  • Jumpin' Jays Fish Cafe,  Portsmouth, NH
  • One Hundred Club, Portsmouth, NH
  • 7th Settlement,  Dover, NH
  • The Bedford Village Inn, Bedford, NH
  • Franklin Oyster House, Portsmouth, NH
  • Sonny's Tavern, Dover, NH
  • The District, Porstmouth, NH
  • Otis, Exeter, NH
  • Appledore Island Dining Hall, Atlantic Ocean,NH 
  • Row 34, Portsmouth, NH
  • Oak House, Newmarket, NH
  • Blind Pig Provisions, Kittery, NH


We have been all over this month promoting NH Community Seafood.  We were represented on the Gundalow sailboat in Portsmouth this past month as part of their Ocean Conservation speaker series, at Red River Theatre in Concord last week through the NH Nature Conservancy and today, we spread the word to young ocean Ambassadors about the great work we are doing to help preserve our NH Fishing heritage!

None of this would happen without you, our dedicated customer! Thank you for helping to make a difference, one pound at a time!

Enjoy the Monkfish and it's versatility!

All the best,









Andrea Tomlinson

Manager, New Hampshire Community Seafood

(603) 767-7209

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