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NHCS Newsletter, Week 2, Session 4, Flounder

Posted 10/20/2015 11:36am by Andrea Tomlinson.

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Good day CSF Members,

Welcome all to Session 4, we are in our second week of our last 6-week Session for 2015. We also plan to offer a Holiday Seafood Medley Share for December.

Welcome to all our new and returning Members from the past few years!

Welcome back all Session 3 Members who took advantage of our convenient and easy new feature, Auto Renewal! This brand new feature allows you to re enroll in Sessions without having to go through the sign up process each time! And there is of course and option to opt out if you choose!

Our Day Boat Fleet's season is starting to come to a close. Due to strict regulations over the past five years on inshore fishing, many of our NH Day Boat's no longer fish year round. Often times, their quotas are finished early in the season and they have to buy quota from other sectors in order to continue fishing.

So while we can, we will enjoy the fresh, daily caught Day Boat fish from our dedicated Sector of groundfishermen.  Our Day Boat offerings this week are a treat: Yellowtail and Winter Flounder!

The Yellowtail flounder is found in the Atlantic Ocean from Newfoundland to the Chesapeake Bay. The species got its name from the yellow tint on the tail and fins that encompass the top and bottom of the flattened out, eyes- on- top anatomy of this species. Like all flounders, the yellowtail spends most of its time on the bottom of the ocean, particularly in sandy bottoms and is basically sedentary unless disturbed or hungry. It is a right eyed flounder.

The flesh of this bottom dweller is lean and firm with a distinctly sweet taste often used as the standard when comparing the flavor of other flounder species.

The Winter Flounder or "Blackback" is a fall/winter species caught here in the Gulf of Maine. Winter flounder are found in estuaries and on the continental shelf of the Northwest Atlantic, from the Gulf of St. Lawrence, Canada to North Carolina. They are quite common north of Delaware Bay and in the waters off New Jersey. The winter flounder is a right eyed flounder and gets its name from it's dark coloring. Their color will vary with their habitat, ranging from muddy to slightly reddish brown, green, to an  almost black upper side. This easily camoflaughes the fish to match its habitat. Their underside is white, and their dorsal and anal fins are sometimes marked with pink, red, or yellow.


Our Fishermen providing us with this delicacy this week once again, veteran NH Fisherman, Dave Goethel, of the F/V Ellen Diane and Jamie Hayward of the F/V Heidi Elisabeth. Both David and Jamie have been fishing since their season opened and have been regularly supplying us with our fish this Season. Thanks guys for providing all this great variety of fish from NH waters!

                                        Captain David Goethel of F/V Ellen Diane 



Captain Jamie Hayward F/V Heidi Elisabeth

Cooking your Yellowtail Flounder:

Remember, flounder are a delicate fish. Don't overcook them for they will become rubbery and fall apart. And remember the Cardinal rule for cooking fish: 10 minutes and inch, this includes cooking both sides of the fillet. These fillets will only need a few minutes each side. Here are some recipe ideas for you on our Pinterest page: https://www.pinterest.com/nhcsf/flounder/ 


If you haven't tried our Shellfish Add ons yet, you should! Many of our members have taken advantage of these Member Only Shellfish treats in the form of our Lobster Ravioli, from Portsmouth Lobster Company.  The 12 oz. bags have 10 huge raviolis with Gulf of Maine caught lobster and cost just $15! Orders are preordered and must be placed by Monday at 9pm the week of pick up!



Manchester Pick Up: For our Manchester folks, this is your last week picking up at the Farmer's Market. Starting next week,  move back to the Brookside Church on Elm Street to finish up the season. Many thanks to our CSF Member and dedicated volunteer, Melody Wyman who has been handing out shares all season in Manchester!


Former Greenland Pick Up: The Greenland Farmer's Market is done for the season and we have automatically moved all of you to the next closet site, Exeter. The Exeter pick up is on Thursdays, at 9 Newfields Road (aka Route 85) from 3-6pm. If you would like to be moved one of our other locations, review them here and contact me at the email below and I will adjust your pick up location for this Session.




Labelling bags:We use at least 500 bags each week for our shares. So, if you would like to help label bags, something we need help with weekly, you could simply email or text me at the contact below and I could have bags and labels waiting for you at your pick up location. You can take them home, label at your leisure and return them the following week! We would appreciate any and all help we can get with this! Thanks to all our faithful CSF Member volunteers for help with this week's labels!


Social Media: Like us on Facebook, WE LIKE TO BE LIKED! We are approaching almost 2000 likes, which I am told is a big deal in Social Media Local co-op land! So PLEASE, if you love FB, invite your friends to view our page and please post your cooked fish pictures and recipe ideas! We are on Twitter and Instagram too! Retweet our tweets and spread the word!


Handing out Shares: WEc continue to NEED VOLUNTEERS AT OUR SELF HELP PICK UPS! Some of our pick ups, like Farmer Dave's in Dracut, Mass and Dover Natural Foods are self serve pick ups. If you are willing to help hand out shares, it is helpful to have someone checking off names and ensuring you have the correct share size and Add ons. If you are interested in doing this, please let me know at the below email address, we can split the coverage up into shifts.The bonus is, you get to keep any left over fish or you can take it to one of our nearest food pantries.



Thank you all for your continued patronage and support for our NH Fishing Community! Tell your friends, neighbors and family all about us and there is still time to  Sign up for Session 4, started October 12, at a prorated cost on our website! 


And don't forget all our wonderful Restaurants that support our Restaurant Supported Fishery (RSF) program! From Laconia to Hancock to Portsmouth, our fish is everywhere! You can visit one of the following establishments next time you decide to dine out and tell them you are a CSF Member and support what they are doing! Thanks!


  •  Black Trumpet, 29 Ceres Street, Portsmouth, NH
  • Local Eatery, 21 Veterans Square, Laconia, NH
  • Hayseed Restaurant, Smuttynose Brewing Co., Hampton, NH
  • The Hancock Inn, 33 Main Street, Hancock, NH
  • Moxy, 106 Penhallow Street, Portsmouth, NH
  • Vida Cantina, 2456 Lafayette Rd, Portsmouth, NH
  • Jumpin' Jays Fish Cafe, 150 Congress Street, Portsmouth, NH
  • Blue Moon Evolution, 8 Clifford Street, Exeter,NH
  • One Hundred Club, 100 Market Street, #500, Porstmouth, NH

And new this past week, Welcome to our New RSF Members:



Thank you Members, for continuing to support our NH Fishing industry and the for the  local food and local economy support!

Enjoy the flounder!

Bon appetite!!






Andrea Tomlinson

Manager, New Hampshire Community Seafood  (603) 767-7209

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