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NHCS Newsletter Week 2 , Session 3, Dogfish Shark

Posted 9/1/2015 7:57am by Andrea Tomlinson.

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Hello Seafood Lovers,

Welcome to to Week 2 of  Session 3 at NH Community Seafood! We have a real north Atlantic treat for you all this week, one of Europe's most popular fish used in Fish and Chips. the Spiny Dogfish Shark. Do not let this fish intimidate you, it's easy to prepare and absolutely delicious.

If you have friends, family, coworkers or neighbors still interested in our program, they can still sign up! We are allowing folks to sign up for Session 3, at a prorated cost until next Monday! They just need to go to our website and sign up like you did and become a member.


Spiny Dogfish Shark, otherwise known as Cape Shark, compromise the largest shark fishery in the United States and Europe.They are found in both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, on our coast, from Labrador to Florida. Dogfish migrate north in the Atlantic in spring and summer and head south for fall and winter. They can live for up to 40 years.

The Dogfish gets it's name from the venomous spines found on either side of its two dorsal fins. Slim bodied with gray coloring and characteristic white spots on top, they are voracious predators. Dogfish eat anything they can find, from crustaceans to squid to other fish (which is why our fishermen love catching them!)

Fillets of dogfish are a white color, with reddish veins, thick and look feathery. The red part turns brown when cooked and the rest will remain white. They are extremely lean with a sweet, mild flavor and if fried and eaten cold the next day, taste surprisingly like chicken!

Soaking your dogfish fillets in either milk or a brine solution (1 cup salt:1 gallon water) for at least an hour before cooking will both tenderize and hydrate the fillet and remove any odors that shark fillets sometimes emit. You can't go wrong frying up these juicy fillets and making the most popular dish in England, the Dogfish and Chips.

Click here to find more great recipe ideas for this Atlantic treat! There is no fish recipe that dogfish will not work with, have fun and experiment.

Our Fishermen this week are NHCS Board Members and longtime Seafarers, Tommy Lyons of the F/V Marion J and  Jamie Hayward of the F/V Heidi Elisabeth.

                                   Tommy Lyons of F/V Marion J


                         Jamie Hayward of F/V Heidi Elisabeth


We will continue with our Shellfish Add Ons this Session, in addition to offering fresh, live lobsters Week 4, we will have Lobster Ravioli  available weekly from our very own Damon Frampton, longtime Portsmouth Lobsterman and NH Community Seafood Board of Directors President. Damon formed Portsmouth Lobster Company a few years back and we will feature their Gulf of Maine caught Lobster Ravioli as an optional Add On item for the rest of the Session.

 Please put your order in by Monday at 9pm the week you want the delivery!

Add ons are an exclusive item offered to CSF Members only through the Member Log In feature on our website. You simply order, pay with a credit card or debit card, and we include it in your pick up,it's that easy!

Additional Fish Add ons are now available too! Just go to Member Log In to order extra fish for that week you need more fish for your family fish fry or summer get together.


Want to buy some local soft shell lobsters and Jonah crabs, right off the boat, the same day they were caught? Damon Frampton of the F/V Vivian Mae has started selling these yummy crustaceans off the boat, at the Portsmouth Commercial Fishing Pier, on Peirce Island, next to Prescott Park. You will find them down on the docks between 3-6pm on Fridays for the rest of the inshore season, until October.


Going on vacation or can't pick up one week?

For our new members and to remind our regulars, we allow you to "HOLD" your share for a week through our online feature under Member Log In.



  • Go to MEMBER LOG IN and sign in
  • When you see the "Welcome to New Hampshire Community Seafood message, choose  in the shaded gray box, "Schedule a new vacation hold or temporary pick up location change", click on Schedule. 
  • Choose WEEK TO HOLD

Choose WEEK TO DOUBLE, it is not automatically the following week




Labelling bags: We use at least 500 bags each week for our shares. Our bags now say "FRESH FISH", as opposed to the fish species name. So, if you would like to help label bags, something we need help with weekly, you could simply email or text me at the contact below and I could have bags and labels waiting for you at your pick up location. You can take them home, label at your leisure and return them the following week! We would appreciate any and all help we can get with this! Thanks to all our faithful CSF Member volunteers for help with last Session's labels!


Social Media: Like us on Facebook, invite your friends to view our page and  and recipes, we love to see them and so do other Members! We are on Twitter and Instagram too! Retweet our tweets and spread the word!


Handing out Shares: Some of our pick ups, like Farmer Dave's, Dover and Laconia are self serve pick ups. If you are willing to help hand out shares, it is helpful to have someone checking off names and ensuring you have the correct share size and Add ons. If you are interested in doing this, please let me know at the below email address.

 Payments: If you have signed up for Session 3, but not yet paid, you will still receive your share this week. We operate on the honor system and rely on you sending your payment as soon as possible, once the Session begins. You have two options to pay: simply see your "confirmation email" and click on the link to our website where you can pay with a credit card for debit card OR mail us a check at the address provided in the email!

And please when you are choosing to dine out, think about one of these fabulous restaurants, all members of our "Restaurant Supported Fishery" and all very well known establishments with exemplary Chefs! Tell them we sent you!


  • Black Trumpet, 29 Ceres Street, Portsmouth, NH
  • Local Eatery, 21 Veterans Square, Laconia, NH
  • Hayseed Restaurant, Smuttynose Brewing Co., Hampton, NH
  • The Hancock Inn, 33 Main Street, Hancock, NH
  • Moxy, 106 Penhallow Street, Portsmouth, NH
  • Vida Cantina, 2456 Lafayette Rd, Portsmouth, NH
  • Jumpin' Jays Fish Cafe, 150 Congress Street, Portsmouth, NH
  • Blue Moon Evolution, 8 Clifford Street, Exeter,NH
  • One Hundred Club, 100 Market Street, #500, Porstmouth, NH


 As always, thank you for joining our movement to help offset the financial and political struggles our NH Fishing Community is experiencing this year. They need our support and we are doing that, one pound at a time.

Enjoy the Dogfish and tell everyone you know how delicious this fish truly can be!

All the best,







Andrea Tomlinson

Manager, New Hampshire Community Seafood

(603) 767-7209

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