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NHCS Newsletter: Week 1, Season 3

Posted 10/13/2014 1:21pm by Andrea Tomlinson.

NH Community Seafood 

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Week 1, Season 3

Ahoy CSF Members!

Welcome to our third and final season of the year. This week marks week 1 of 8 weeks of delicious NH caught fish. The fish of the week this week will be Atlantic Cod.  But first I'd like to share a little about ourselves for those of you who are new to NH Community Seafood. If you are a returning member, bare with me. And hey, maybe you’ll learn something new…


NH Community Seafood is organized as a multi-stakeholder cooperative, meaning we are collectively owned by both our stockholder consumers as well as our fishermen. Pretty cool concept, if I do say so myself. You can find more information about becoming a stockholder here. We pride ourselves on offering our NH caught fish right to you before its offered to anyone else, and strive to get you our fish within 24 hours of being landed. Pretty awesome right?!



So how it works. In the wee hours of the morning, before the sun is even up, our small fleet of 12 full-time commercial fishermen, both gill netters and draggers, head for open waters. They fish all day long, within sustainable regulations as set by the government, and then head for shore with their catch, whatever it may be. Their fish is landed at 1 of 4 of our state’s commercial fishing harbors in the afternoon, Portsmouth, Rye, Hampton or Seabrook, already iced and dressed. It is then offloaded and kept in a massive cooler at either our Portsmouth facility or the Yankee Fishermen’s Cooperative. Our fish is then picked up by a refrigerated truck on its return trip from the Global Boston Fish Auction back to its home at Tri-State Fish in Somersworth, NH. Tri-State is our processor. They unload our fish, store it overnight, and then begin filleting it first thing the next morning. The fillets are then separated into the appropriate share types for that day, and stored in totes full of ice. Our shares are set aside for us, until our most wonderful, newest employee, Emma Frampton stops on by with our sweet ride, the refrigerated Fishues van. She then divides the days shares up amongst the appropriate coolers packed with ice for each of our 14 different distribution points. From there the fish is brought directly to you.



And that folks, is how we get fish to you within 24 hours of offload. We hope you can taste the freshness and quality of our catch, as I’m sure any of our returning members can attest to. We apologize for ruining you for all other impostor seafood in advance.


As a cooperative, we also pride ourselves on exposing our members to each of the different species our fishermen catch on a daily basis. There’s more than haddock and cod in our New England waters. Here in NH we catch over 14 different types of fish, and over the course of this season we hope to give you a chance to try them all. That being said, don’t panic, they are all primarily white flakey fish and very easy to work with, and we won’t leave you hanging. Monday newsletters will always come with recipe ideas and pointers. We only ask that you embark upon this season of fresh fish with an open mind, some flexibility, and a willingness to expand your horizons. We won’t steer you wrong.


That being said, the fish this week is going to be the familiar hero, the Atlantic Cod.  Our fish this week will be provided by Tommy Lyons and Pete Lagerstrom of Hampton Harbor.




Now for some general housekeeping:

If you have yet to pay for your season, please do so this week by either mailing in a check or sending a payment via paypal to NHCommunitySeafood@gmail.com.  Checks can be made payable to, NH Community Seafood, and mailed to our office at: 1 Pierce Island Road, Portsmouth, NH 03801

Please do not leave any payments at pick-ups for we cannot guarantee they will make it back to headquarters. Once we receive your payments, we will enter them into the system on a weekly basis at which point you will receive a confirmation email with your payment details and account’s status.

The pick-up locations and times for this season are as stands on our Pick-Up page online. You can check the status of your pick-up here. However, I do have some notes about some of these pick-ups that I would like to share:




Brandmoore Farm (3-dusk) There will be coolers labeled with the different share types. We ask that people cross their name off the list and grab their appropriate share type. And maybe check out the farm store there too. They have an amazing selection of farm goodies.

Nashua (3-6 pm) Brookford members will be helping to distribute our CSF shares at Railroad Square Park until October 28th. On the 28th we will move for the season to the Unitarian Universalist Church at 58 Lowell Street. Mark your calendars! If the farm employees are busy with a customer you are more than welcome to cross your own name off the list and help yourself to your share from the appropriate cooler. Any questions regarding your share types etc. should be directed towards NHCS, not farm employees.

Dracut (4-7 pm) Pick-up will be at Farmer Dave's on Parker Road up until October 28th.  It will then move to Brox Farm Stand on Broadway Road for the remainder of the season. This pick-up will be a self serve system. Please check your name off on the list and grab your share out of the appropriate cooler. Any questions regarding your share types etc. should be directed towards NHCS, not farm employees.




Laconia (4-7 pm) The cooler will be outside the front door of the Laconia Local Eatery. Please check you name off the list and follow the directions on top the cooler to help locate your share. And maybe grab a quick bite to eat at the Eatery. Hey! You’re already there, right.



Concord (11:30-2:30) Pick-up will be at Brookford Farm’s stand at the Capitol Plaza near the Soup Gallery just at 55 N. Main Street.

Warner (4-6 pm) Pick-up is at the Yankee Farmers Market on Route 103. Please check off your name, and follow the directions on top the cooler to help locate your share.

Exeter (2:15-6 pm) Pick-up will be at our NHCS tent at the Exeter Farmers Market at Swasey Park until the last market on October 30th. The remainder of the pick-ups will take place at a residential home at 9 Newfields Road where Brookford Farm distributes their winter CSA shares. It’s just a mile down the road from market.

Canterbury (3-6 pm) Check your name off the list, and read the directions on the top of the cooler to help you locate your share. And be sure to stock up on Brookford Farm goodies.

Manchester (3-6 pm) Pick-up will be at the Manchester Farmers’ Market alongside the Brookford Farm tent. Our wonderful volunteer Melody will be there to help you locate your share. At the end of the market season around the end of October, pick-up will move to a nearby location, TBD. It’s looking like it will be at Brookside Church on Elm Street, but we will let you know for sure soon enough…



Peterborough (3-6 pm) Shares can be found in coolers in the garage at 4 Laurel Street. Please respect to our host family. We are very thankful for their help in organizing this pick-up. Please only pick-up within the advised window of time, unless you have arranged alternative plans with Sarah and family. Check your name off the list, and grab your appropriate share.

Dover (3-6 pm) Shares can be found indoors, in the back of the Dover Health Food Store on Chestnut Street. Check your name off the list, and grab your appropriate share. Please take note that the store closes at 6:00 pm so make sure you are able to make it their on time otherwise you will miss out on your share.

Durham (2-6 pm) This is a self-serve pick-up. Shares can be found in the refrigerator by the garage at the top of the driveway. Please check your name off the list and grab your appropriate share type. Half shares will be on the shelves, quarter shares in the top drawer, and full shares in the bottom drawers. Please be respectful of our host family. And please do not park in their driveway. Be sure to pick-up during the allotted window of time. If you fail to pick-up your share, it will be moved to the freezer to be picked up the following Friday. Any neglected shares will be donated to the Dover Children’s Home.

Portsmouth (3-6 pm) Shares can be found at the Portsmouth Commercial Fish Pier on Pierce Island. Please be respectful while on facilities grounds and park courteously. We do not want to anger any of our beloved fishermen. Our wonderful volunteer Ballard and family will be there to help members locate their shares. For now the shares can be found in coolers on the pier, but we may move them closer to the building once it starts to get colder.


Phewww. I think I just covered them all. If I missed anything or you still have questions, please let me know.



Vacation Holds

If you can’t make it to your pick-up one week, you are more than welcome to put a hold on your share for the week and we will be sure to get you a double share the following week. We just ask that you provide us with 2 days notice. If you just flat out miss your share, send us an email. We understand things do come up. I can’t guarantee anything, but we will do our best to get you your missed share another time. We can usually work something out.

Also, we have the ability to temporarily switch your pick-up location for you. If one location works better for you one week, please let us know and we can arrange it. Send us a line.

Is everyone still with me?! Probably not. That’s alright, I understand; it’s a long email. I apologize. I’m just so excited to have you all join us for another great season. And that being said, it’s not too late to get your friends on board too. We’d appreciate it if everyone could send out a quick reminder to those who may be interested in enjoying our wicked fresh catch too. We will prorated seasons available for the next 2 weeks, and anyone is welcome to sign-up. Don’t let your neighbors, doctors, school teachers, and co-workers miss their chance.


A great way to share information about our wonderful community, as well as get any last minute tips or links to interesting articles, is on our Facebook page. Are we FB official yet? Stop by and give us a like, share our page with all your friends, or post pictures bragging about how delicious your CSF dinner was, make people drool. And don’t forget to find us on Twitter and Instagram too!  We are just that cool.

Have no idea what I’m talking about and rebel towards social media platforms? No worries, we still like you. We’ll be sure to keep you in the loop with our Monday newsletter. …But let’s just say you have a smartphone…you should download the new Local Fish Finder app designed by, UNH student and Sea Grant intern, Amanda Parks. It’s kind of a no brainer, just saying. It’s way cool.

Anyways, I could go on for days, as many of our returning members already know, but perhaps I should wrap it up for now. I promise next week’s newsletter won’t drag on quite so long and will perhaps be slightly more interesting. I guess I’ll let you be the judge of that. There’s just so many things about our awesome Seacoast fish world that I would love to share with you, like my blog, Fishues: NH Seacoast’s Fish Issues. There’s always next week I guess…

Feel good about eating fish this week. You deserve it and our fishermen deserve it more.  And if your catch is extra mind-blowing delicious, please be sure to share with us your secrets.


Eat Fresher Fish.

Support Seacoast Fishermen.








Sarah VanHorn

Co-Founder/General Manager

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Josh Wiersma, Ph.D

Co-Founder/Executive Director

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