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NHCS Newsletter, Fall Session Week 6, King Whiting

Posted 9/26/2016 5:02pm by Andrea Tomlinson.

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Welcome to Week 6 of our Fall Session. We are supporting our few remaining NH ground fishermen by buying the fish they are catching for the week. Starting next week, we will have NH grown Oysters (Week 7 only) and a nutty fish topping, Nuts over Fish (Week 7-10) available as Member only Add-ons to be delivered with your fish share! See below for details!

This week, we feature one of the best tasting whitefish out there, the King Whiting, Merluccius bilinearis





The King's get their name from their large size, these are the biggest and best of the bunch! Our otter trawl fishermen are currently catching smaller Whiting, these are the bigger ones caught by our gillnet fishermen.

 This whitefish is a member of the Hake family, commonly known as Silver Hake. King Whiting live in both the northern and southern Atlantic. Our northern stock of King Whiting lives throughout the Gulf of Maine to the northern reaches of Georges Bank. King Whiting are important species in the ocean ecosystem as they act as both predator and prey, moving up and down throughout the water column to feed at night and resting on the muddy, sandy or pebbly bottom in the day (when they become prey!).  King Whiting are a grayish- silver color on the back, with a distinctive black lateral line and white speckles.

King Whiting's flesh is softer than that of cod or pollock and is not as flaky. The fillets are thick and firm. The taste is moderate with a hint of sweet flavor. You can substitute the Whiting in any recipe that calls for cod, haddock or pollock. The fillets we provide are thick and meaty and easily seasoned or marinated. The fillets will come with the skin on and that adds both flavor and the important omega-3 fatty acids!  Here's a link to our new Pinterest Page for a bunch of fantastic Whiting (aka Hake) recipes: https://www.pinterest.com/nhcsf/hake-recipes/. Remember, 10 minutes per inch of thickness is how long to cook any fish!


 Seared King Whiting with scallion and lemon (Courtesy of Pinterest)


Our Fisherman once again this week is NHCS Board Member and seasoned Fisherman, Jamie Hayward. Jamie has been catching a lot of fish for us this season with his dedicated crew aboard the F/V Heidi & Elisabeth. These guys fish almost everyday of the fishing season, working long hard hours to bring us our fresh fish. Thanks to the crew, Joe, Erik, Tommy and Chris, for all their hard work!

             Crew Members Chris (left) and Tommy, "picking dogfish", aboard the F/V Heidi & Elisabeth

Crew Member Erik (foreground), Chris(middle) and Captain Jamie Hayward at the helm aboard the F/V Heidi & Elisabeth

 Driver and Broker Joe Bills (on forklift), Captain Jamie and Chris loading fish in Portsmouth
An incredible amount of work goes into bringing you your fresh share each week. We are grateful for our hardworking fishermen for helping us in every way possible!
Don't like King Whiting? You can now HOLD your share for the week,up until 9pm tonight and DOUBLE UP on a different catch of the week in the Session. You can also use the HOLD feature for week's which you will not be there to pick up your share.



Additional King Whiting Fillets Available!

If you love King Whiting or just need some extra fish this week, we are once again this Session offering our Additional Fish Orders to be made until 9pm tonight. 

The same goes for our Lobster Ravioli Add-Ons. You have until tonight, Monday at 9pm to order these delicious treats to be included in your share for this week!

Additional fish will come in 1lb and 2lb packages, with a discounted rate if you order 4lbs or more! 


Have you tried these yet? Limited Supply and going fast! Only $15/bag. All made from local lobsters! 

 Lobster Ravioli available while supplies last, order here!






Fresh, NH Oysters for Sale! Order here!


Add on a Dozen fresh, raw oysters to your fish share next week and support our local Oyster Growers at Virgin Oyster Company! One dozen oysters for just $16.00 per dozen. Order here for next week,  Week 7, to be delivered with your fish share!




We have an exciting new Add-on available to Members from NHCS Shareholder and Member, Cinde Vandette, called Nuts over Fish! Available in 3oz packages and 6 nut flavors (including Sugar Free), Nuts over Fish is a delicious fish topping blend of nuts and herbs to compliment any of our fresh fish! To order, click here.




    Almond Nut- One of 6 toppings available as our new Add-on item!


  Pistachio, Macademia or Almond Toppings Available

We are delighted to be able to offer our Members this diverse variety of specialty items! Please note, to order Add-ons, you must be paid in full for your fish share and use a credit or debit card to purchase.


Thanks for making it NH Community Seafood. Supporting our struggling fishermen and women, NH's long time heritage, one pound at a time!

We appreciate your support and patronage to our NH Fishing Industry. 

Thanks much and enjoy the "Kings"!










Andrea Tomlinson

Manager, New Hampshire Community Seafood

(603) 767-7209

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