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NHCS Newsletter, Fall Session Week 3, Atlantic Cod

Posted 9/5/2016 11:46am by Andrea Tomlinson.

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Happy Labor Day and Welcome to Week 3 of our Fall Session. We are working with just 6 NH Fishermen to bring you the freshest, local fish available in NH!  Our Community Supported Fishery (CSF)is the link between the boat and your plate!

This week we are able to bring you the old favorite of New England seafood lovers, the Atlantic Cod, Gadus morhua. 

Cod became regionally popular as early as the 1600's here in New England. However, over the past hundred years, there has been an international demand for all forms of cod, including the age old "salted cod", which keeps for up to a year and is used widely all over the world in a variety of cuisines. With this increased demand in cod and an ever increasing world population, came a severely overfished and poorly regulated fishery. Additionally, is has been proven that many cod stocks are migrating further north due to the rapid rise in temperature of the Gulf of Maine over the past two decades.

For these reasons, since the year 2000, cod stocks in some areas of the Gulf of Maine have been on a dramatic decline and this has redefined the fishing industry in New England as a whole. Our once thriving NH fishing fleet is now down to no more than 6 active boats, throughout the entire Seacoast!

Most of the cod you see for sale in your local grocery store has been coming in frozen from Iceland and Norway, as cod migrate north and flourish in those waters, with less restrictive limitations on the fishery.

Cod is great cooked any way: baked, broiled, sautéed, grilled or steamed. It's also very popular in New England Fish Chowder. Remember the cardinal rule for cooking any fish; 10 minutes per inch of fillet thickness, any way you cook it. Here are some great recipe ideas for cod, including some New England favorites: www.pinterest.com/explore/cod-recipes/

      (Courtesy of Pinterest)                            

 Baked Cod Fillets on White Bean and Cherry Tomato Stew


Our Fisherman for this week is veteran seafarer and NHCS Board Member, Jamie Hayward of the F/V Heidi Elisabeth. Jamie has been catching a lot of fish for us this year and lands fish at the Portsmouth Fishing Pier. Thanks to Jamie and his crew for bringing us this local treat this week!

 Captain Jamie Hayward on the F/V Heidi Elisabeth



Additional Fish Orders and Add-ons:

Do you love Cod and want some more for this week?

If you would like additional fish along with your weekly share, take advantage of our Additional Fish Orders, which must be made by 9pm tonight. The same goes for our Lobster Ravioli Add-OnsAdditional fish will come in 1lb packages and the Lobster Ravioli will now be labelled with your name on the bag and placed on top of the coolers.





Lobster Ravioli Add ons and Additional Fish available to order online until 9pm tonight! 
Attention New Members! HOLDS AND DOUBLES POLICY: Please remember to do this on our website and select both the week you wish to hold AND the week you wish to double, here's how..

We offer a flexible hold system if you are away for a week during our session. To access this feature, use the Member Login on our website. Here you may select the week you want for us to "hold" your share and the week you want us to "double up". When you receive your double share, it will be in the same size bags as your regular share and you will pick up two packages. For example, if you are signed up for a 1lb share, your double share will come in two 1lb packages. The same goes for 1/2 lb and 2lb double shares. This must be done SUNDAY BEFORE the week you wish to hold!




Lobsterman and President of the Board for NH Community Seafood, Damon Frampton will be selling live lobsters off his boat, the Vivian Mae at the Portsmouth Commercial Fishing Pier (next to Prescott Park on Peirce Island) on Fridays from 3-5:30pm. Come on down and get lobster caught the same day and support our local fishermen!




 Oyster Add ons will be available in September for Members Only! $16/dozen, fresh out of the Great Bay in NH, from Virgin Oyster Company!
This is an abridged newsletter today, due to the Holiday.
Enjoy the last few days of summer and the Cod!
All the best,




Andrea Tomlinson

Manager, New Hampshire Community Seafood

(603) 767-7209

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