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Great Fish Talk Tonight! (& other news)

Posted 11/5/2013 11:45am by Andrea Tomlinson.

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Good Day CSF Members.

Just wanted to inform you of a great opportunity to hear a science talk on Ocean Fishing in Manchester tonight, November 5th at 5:30 pm at the Shaskeen Pub downtown.  I know I wish I could go; I have a fish drop.  But if you're free...Why not grab a beer and hear what some local experts have to say about the state of our fisheries.  What's it mean to eat sustainable seafood?  If any of you go, I expect notes, I'd love to hear what they have to say.  And while you're there introduce yourself to Erik Chapman, one of tonight's speakers; he is on NH Community Seafood's board of directors and love to meet you.  Really hope at least a few of you can make it.  You can read more about it here or a brief description of the details below.

Science on Tap
Tuesday, Nov. 5
5:30 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Peter Gustafson

What’s on the menu? Understanding the labels behind ‘sustainable seafood’
Unsustainable fishing is a key issue facing our oceans. Governments, non-profit organizations, members of the fishing industry, retailers and others are developing innovative ways to address the problems – but understanding ‘sustainable’ and ‘local’ labeling can be confusing. We’ll discuss certifications, eco-labels, evaluations and branding for sustainable seafood; and identify global and local initiatives, consumer education, marketing incentives and fishing method innovations. 

Jill Swasey - Marine Scientist, MRAG Americas (www.mragamericas.com)
Erik Chapman, Commercial Fisheries Specialist, New Hampshire Sea Grant
Gabriela Bradt, Commercial Fisheries Specialist, NH Sea Grant.

Hope you can attend!

In other news, we started the week out with a mix of redfish and cusk for Dover and Durham members in addition to our lobster shares.  Looking towards the rest of the week, it's hard to say what to expect.  As it gets later into the season, there is a much slimmer variety of fish to work with.  Lately we have had a lot of cod, pollock and white hake being landed regularly, and it is safe to say these are always likely.  We will do our best to throw some other less common species in just to keep you all on your toes. We thank you for your flexibility in advance.  We are doing our best to offer scallops one more week of our CSF season.  We'll email all of you as information becomes available.  

It is currently Week 6 of Season 3, which means after this week, we will have 2 more pick-ups this season.  Looking to the winter months, we have locked down our winter farmers' market spot with the Seacaost markets starting November 23rd at the Wentworth Greenhouse in Rollinsford from 10-2 on Saturday.  You can look for us there.  There will be a market every Saturday during the month of December leading up to Christmans and will rotate between the Greenhouse and Exeter High School.  Hope to see some familiar faces.  

We will be offering gift cards for the holidays, as well as calendars of our fishermen, and sets of notecards, and our NHCS t-shirts.  Why not buy the cooks in your family a summer full of fresh fish?  It's the gift that keeps on giving.  We also will be accepting orders for Thanksgiving and our December Holidays.  Feel free to place orders at pick-up or via email.  

Many of you may have heard our CSF mentioned on NHPR in an article by Michael Samuels titled, "Learning to Love Dogfish."  If you missed it, you can listen to it here.  We also made an appearance on the NH Chronicle recently.  I had shared a faulty link with you all in the last newsletter, so I will repost it here if you are intersted in watching that.  

This friday I will be making a trip up to Port Clyde, Maine to meet with our friends at Port Clyde Fresh Catch, a CSF who was the first established in the country.  I plan on taking lots of pictures and will be sure to share them in a new Fishues post soon.  And since I'll be making my way north, why not make the most of a 3 day weekend and drive on up to Nova Scotia.  I'm hoping to make some great fish related discoveries along the way.  I've never been up that way, but have always dreamed of going.  I'm looking forward to it.  Hope all of you are able to take advantage of the holiday weekend, and if not, I'm sorry to have rubbed it in.  

Take Care! 

& See you soon!





Sarah E. VanHorn


(207) 899-6042

Josh Wiersma, Ph.D

Co-Founder/Executive Director

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