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NHCS Newsletter: Week 8, Season 2

Posted 9/25/2013 10:43am by Andrea Tomlinson.

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It's o-Fish-ial!  Season 2 is coming to a close.  For the remainder of the week, we plan on having pollock and monkfish, as well as lobster for those of you who have ordered them.  We tried for herring, but there have been some crazy winds this week, so a lot of our boats have stayed at the docks.  We also tried for more flounder for those who weren't able to get them last week, but our 2 draggers, F/V Sandi Lynn and F/V Ellen Diane, that catch the majority of our flounder have switched to bait fishing for the next couple of days since the increase in demand now that the tuna have been biting.  That being said we've been left to rely on our 7 + offshore gillnetters who have been catching plenty of monkfish and pollock to go around.  

Our fisherman of the week is Jamie Hayward, Fishing Vessel (F/V) Heidi Elisabeth of Portsmouth Harbor.  He's also a member of our board of directors and supplied today's fish for our CSF.  If you'd like to read more about him, check out his biography posted on my Fishues blog here.  

For those of you unfamiliar with monkfish, it is a thicker meatier fillet, since it is actually the tail end of the fish, and therefore typically needs to be cooked longer than our other white flakey fish.  When cooked properly, it is comparable to the consistancy of a scallop and is commonly named the poor man's lobster. The thick meaty fillet holds up great on the grill as well as in the frying pan, or feel free to bake it or broil it.  I often like to start it on the stove top, and finish it in the oven.  A classic favorite is to wrap the fillet in bacon and bake it, but then again, what isn't good wrapped in bacon?  Butter is always a tasty option as well, but not always the healthiest.  Oh well.  Not the most attractive fish, but boy are they delicious.  Let me know how you end up preparing your fish.

For those of you who would like to continue picking up NH fresh catch please be sure to re-enroll for Season 3 if you haven't done so already.  You can either sign-up in person at pick-up, or on our website's sign-up page.  And tell your friends!  Now's there chance to join our wonderful community.  This next season will run from September 30th-November 22nd.  This will be our last weekly, 8 week season of the year, until next June when the new the fishing year begins, so stock up while you still can.  After this next season we will be accepting orders for the holidays (fish for Thanksgiving maybe...), and will be at Saturday Farmers' Markets throughout the state from December to March.  We will keep you informed about that.  

There are a few changes to our next season's offering and pick-ups, but nothing too drastic.  For season 3 the pick-ups are as stands:


  • Mondays in Dover at 7th Settlement from 3:30-5:30 until October 14th. October 22nd they will switch to Tuesdays, same time frame.  Once the brewery is open, if you are unable to pick-up your fish on time, we will be able to leave it for you in the brewery's refridgerator labeled with your name.  So don't stress; your fish will be waiting.  
  • Tuesdays in Durham from 3-5 at the Waysmeet Center Food Pantry at 15 Mill Road.  Your fish will be wrapped and labeled with your name on it. Whatever fish doesn't get picked up each week, will be donated to the food pantry.  Jessie our new UNH intern will be there to help you.  Please welcome her into our community.  We will also be dropping any additional fish we have leftover each week frozen, to be donated to the food pantry.  We're looking forward to being able to help support such a great organization.  
  • Wednesday's in Portsmouth and Salem (starting on October 9th).  Portsmouth will be at the harbor from 3:30-6:00 until we move indoors somewhere in town with ample parking; we'll be sure to share more information about that as it becomes available.  We're hoping to pair our pick-up with Heron Pond Farm's Portsmouth CSA.  And Salem's pick-up will be at the Wednesday Farmers' Market at the Tuscan Market from 4:30-6:00 until the close of market at which point it will switch to Jane's Kitchen in Salem.  We will be in touch about those details as well.  Salem's first Wednesday pick-up will be October 9th.  
  • Thursdays in Manchester and Peterborough.  We will be in Manchester from 3:00-6:30 at the Farmers' Market until it closes in mid-October, at which point we will move indoors to Consuelo's Taqueria at 36 Amherst Street, just a short distance from the market (I have high hopes of improving my Spanish; I have my motives).  I'm under the impression there is free 15 minute parking available out front.  Thank you to the Delgadillo family, a CSF member, for allowing us to join them at their wonderful establishment.  Peterborough pick-up will continue as is at 4 Laurel Street and we will be in touch about coordinating drivers.  I believe we may have a daily Manchester commuter willing to drive each week.  
  • And Fridays off for Sarah (that's me)!  I'm not gonna lie this may have been intentional.  But have no fear, my time will not be wasted.  I will be taking this time to coordinate our winter schedule, as well improve upon our awesome CSF model we have established this Summer, and hopefully I will be back out fishing again on our boats; I've been missing the water. Our hope is to supply some bigger organizations throughout the winter to help cover our monthly costs while in-between seasons, i.e. hospitals, schools, and so on.  Suggestions and connections greatly appreciated.  Our goal is to come back next June full force, bigger and better than ever, and we hope to see you all again for another great Summer!  Oh, how I hate to see Summer go.  Thanks to all of you for making it a great one.
Wooohooo!  Now that I've laid all that out for you: Go sign-up for our last CSF season of the year.  Do it!  NOW.  Support Our Seacaost Fishermen & Eat Fresher Fish.  It's a no-brainer. And tell your friends to do the same. After all this is as much as your community, as it is ours.   

In other news.  Beware.  Josh has finally joined the cyberworld in full force and has learned the inner-workings of twitter as well as instagram.  Look for his posts on our Facebook page; they should be interesting.  Haha, in all seriousness, this is a great thing, because now we will more readily be able to share any changes in policy as well as the avialability of fish each week based on what boats are fishing.  Check out Josh's latest about our Porpoise deterrent pingers post here.  

This weekend there will be some great events going on at UNH for the kick-off of the new organization, UNH Slow Fish, a branch off of Slow Food.  The whole fish break down demo should be entertaining. A quick blurb about that event here:  

Slow Fish workshop at UNH
  • When: 10am to 2pm. Sunday, September 29th 
  • Where: Room G93, Peter T Paul college at UNH (10 Garrison Ave, Durham, NH 03824)
  • Why: The purpose of this workshop is to increase awareness of NH's 'underloved' species of fish amongst youth. This inspired-learning experience will give 16 students the opportunity to identify and showcase various species of fish that are being caught by NH fishermen. Starting from whole fish, students will learn how to filet and cook 'underloved' species of fish. This workshop also presents an opportunity for us to build resources for CSF members; filleting video footage will be captured to provide guidance for members with whole-fish shares and unique recipes will be gathered for each fish.


Also this Sunday, September 29th, which happens to be my mother's birthday (Happy Birthday Mum!) you can look for me at the Durham Community Church's Eco-Resource Fair, where I will be sharing information about our CSF from 11:00-1:30.  If you're in the neighboorhood, please feel free to stop by and say "Hello."

Last Wednesday we got to meet with members from a wonderful CSF down in the Carolina's, Walking Fish.  It was great to share ideas and hear about all the great things they are accomplishing down south.  We are hoping to adopt some of their wonderful ideas in the future.  We also got some great insight on how to offer some hard-shell crabs in a later season.  Be sure to look for those.   

As a reminder this is technically week 7 for Manchester folk, so you have 2 more pick-ups, this week and next's to make up for that missed week.  Don't worry, we have not forgotten.  We can help you get signed up for next season at your last pick-up if that makes it easier. 

I think that may be all for now, however I am sure I am forgetting something.  Thanks again to all of you for making this another great season.  It really was a pleasure having all of you as part of our fishing community.  And thanks for making my job so enjoyable each week; it was a pleasure getting to know all of you.  I hope to continue to see each and every one of you in the future.  And most importantly, thanks for coming out to show some support for our Seacoast Fishermen; now is more important than ever, and I know they really appreciated your support.  

Thank you!  

And we hope to see you again for another great season!  

Don't forget to sign-up!

Be Well.





Sarah E. VanHorn


(207) 899-6042

Josh Wiersma, Ph.D

Co-Founder/Executive Director

(603) 682-6115

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