Annual Stockholder Celebration!

This gathering will be held for our consumer stockholders who have chosen to invest in NH Community Seafood by purchasing 1 set of stock for $100 in addition to their weekly share of fresh fish.

As a consumer stockholder, CSF members past and present are entitled to:  

  • Vote for a consumer representative on our Board of Directors
  • Vote on other important issues related to the CSF
  • Share in a portion of any dividend that accrues at the end of the year (paid back proportional to patronage)


  • ...and maybe most importantly attend our Annual Shareholder Celebration, where you'll meet our fishermen and share in a fish fry!   

At this meeting, we will introduce the new NHCS Board members: a new consumer representative, and three new fishermen board members.  It will also be a chance to mingle with other shareholders, to meet the NH fishermen who control the organization along with you, to learn about the progress and future plans for NHCS, and maybe most importantly, to eat fresh and delicious seafood!


1st Annual NH Community Seafood Fish Fry was held last year on August 31st, 2014.


2015 Date TBA!


Join Our Celebration.  Strengthen our Cooperative and invest in NH Community Seafood today!  

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